BC SPCA Print Advertisements

Project Case Study:

The Start of the Design Project

I have been a volunteer for the BC SPCA since December of 2014. The company asked me to design multiple different public service announcement print advertisements to be of two different sizes and to be in colour and black and white. These ads were to be used in magazines, newspapers, and on printed flyers of varying sizes. I was given access to the copy, the BC SPCA library of photos, and the brand design guidelines that I needed to adhere to.

I was given a one month deadline, which consisted of a draft submission of each of the designs to ensure the idea was accepted by the company and to receive feedback on the direction of each design. The project began by collecting as much information about what was required for the design to ensure I fully understood the project and what was required. This included output dimensions, recommended colour choices, available fonts that could be used, and any other important information that needed to be communicated.

My Work Process

I began sketching up ideas for page layout and content ideas, and then chose those ideas that I wanted to refine. I created more detailed versions of the sketches to solidify ideas and created digital versions in Adobe Illustrator. I presented the design mockups to the client and received feedback regarding what did and didn’t work. After receiving feedback I changed and refined my designs and then submitted the completed version to the company for their final review. I submitted all relevant sizes and version to the company and concluded the ad design project.