We specialize in brand design and marketing communications.

Braket Design is a small design company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have an employment and educational background in graphic design, website development, branding, and marketing.

If you are a long-running business or a brand new startup, we would love to get to know all about you and how we can help make your business better through the services we offer. Drop us a line anytime via the contact page and we’ll respond as soon as we can!

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Logos are the public image of a company and they must communicate a brand effectively to target consumers. We aim to design a logo that closely matches what the company wants to communicate and closely follows the brand strategy.

Business Cards

Business cards are a networking entry point to both your company and your employees. Business cards are one of the fastest ways to introduce your company to prospective clients. We ensure business cards are designed as effective extensions of a brand.

Letterheads & Stationary

Letterheads and other stationary are another extension of your brand, and we ensure I design them as such. Stationary systems exist to communicate professionalism while being consistent with your overall brand image.


The most successful brochures look and feel special, are easy to use, and fit the content. We design brochures to follow this outlook and to match the overall brand message and strategy.


Posters can be used to communicate information such as important events, company and product information, or promotions. We design posters to be consistent with brand elements while ensuring the readability and communication level are never impaired.

Promotional Pieces

This includes brand promotional items such as emails to customers, holiday cards that are mailed out en masse, swag such as pens or bags, etc. We ensure these pieces are designed to follow the brand image and fit the brand or marketing strategy, if there is one.


We design advertisements in the form of magazine and internet ads. These vary in size and scope. Advertisements must keep to the overall brand strategy, marketing strategy and marketing plan.

Brand Design

A brand design covers many or even all of the items listed above. Brand stands for the entirety of a particular business – it’s customers’ experiences, physical assets, business mode, employees, and other resources.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategies are long-term plans to develop a successful brand and achieve brand growth. Brand strategies affect all aspects of a business, and outline the overall image that the brand wants to be to the public and the specific rules to follow across all platforms.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Marketing strategies are used to outline how a company is to find and communicate to it’s target audience. Marketing plans are used to plan how the company will implement it’s marketing strategy, and reach the marketing goals that it laid out.

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Private: Current Projects

Current projects, both paid and unpaid (learning based) will go here.

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Companies We’ve Worked With

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BC Hydro “PowerSmart”: Out-of-Home and Support Media Analysis

The following is my analysis on parts of the BC Hydro “PowerSmart” campaign. BC Hydro PowerSmart Transit Media Ad The company placed power-saving ads at train stations throughout Vancouver. They were placed across the train tracks for awaiting passengers to view them while waiting for the train. The ads contained funny dialogue to get the … Continue reading BC Hydro “PowerSmart”: Out-of-Home and Support Media Analysis